How to find Java class in Eclipse?

In Eclipse IDE, you can type CTRL + SHIFT + T in Windows or *nix or Command + SHIFT + T in Mac OSX to prompt an Open Type dialog box to find details about a specified Java class.

For example, if you want to know the detail of this Java class – FlatFileItemWriter (Spring batch class).

1. Click any of yours .java class. Type commands CTRL + SHIFT + T :

open type in eclipse ide

2. Combine with “Outline” tab for better result.

outline tab in eclipse ide


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Marek Mizera
Marek Mizera

Hi, this is usefull feature, but maybe this article could be extended a little bit, I mean write about all source navigation (class ctrl+shift+t, resource ctrl+shift+r, ctrl+shift+h hierarchy, method call occurence etc.).