Eclipse – red-x icon didn’t display on project explorer

In Eclipse IDE, If a project contains errors, a small “red-x” icon will be displayed in the files that are causing the error. This useful feature is supported in Java related perspectives only, for example, “Package Explorer”.

1. Problem

Personally, I prefer to use the “Project Explorer” perspective (pure folder structure), but the “red-x” icon feature is not supported on this perspective.


Figure : Where is the “red-x” icon?

2. Solution

To fix it, install the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) plugin, and enable it in the customized view.

2.1 In Eclipse menu, select “Help -> Eclipse Marketplace”, search “Eclipse CDT” and install it.


2.2 Restart Eclipse, in “Project Explorer” view, click on the tiny “triangle icon” and select “Customize View…”


2.3 Clicks on the “Content Tab”, scroll down, make sure the “C/C++ elements” or “CDT elements” is checked.


2.4 Done, now the “red-x” icon is supported in “Project Explorer” view.


Figure : The “red-x” icon is back!


  1. Eclipse CDT

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