How to attach SWT Source Code to Eclipse IDE?

Develop SWT application without SWT source code attached in Eclipse IDE will make developers feel depress in SWT. Just imaging when we do not know some SWT classes, then mouse point that class and press F3, nothing come out but a black page saying “no SWT source code found, please attach a source”, how you feel about it? Depression….

How do attach SWT Source Code into Eclipse IDE

1) Download SWT Source Code

Please refer to my previous article on Where to download SWT Source Code?

2) Copy SWT Source Code zip ( file into a folder. For example D:\SWT_SRC

3) In Eclipse, right click on Java Project and choose properties

4) Choose Java Build Path –> Libraries tab

5) Choose Source attachment under SWT plugin libraries –> Click Edit button

6) Click Variable… button

7) Click New button

8 ) Type a Name e.g SWT_SRC, click file to choose SWT Source Code zip file e.g D:/SWT_SRC/

9) Click Ok ~ Done

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