We are looking for good writers to join us.

1. Why Should You Write For Mkyong.com?

Currently, Mkyong.com is generating 4 million page views per month, write for us could be beneficial you to:

  • Reach a worldwide audience of targeted Java, Spring and J2EE developers.
  • Driving traffic, ranking back to your own blog or website, via author section.
  • Get more followers on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, via author section.
  • Build your reputation, to get a better job offer or outsourcing opportunity.
  • And earn money, yes, we do pay your article up to USD 80

P.S All articles will be published under your own name.

2. Write for Money

First, read this publishing policy. We pay depends on the quality of the work:

1. Ok Article USD 10-20
Editorial work needed, small article (200+ words), general topic, working example.

2. Good Article – USD 20-40
Minimal editorial work needed, medium article (500+ words) use case, working examples, print screens, step-by-step guide.

3. High Quality Article – USD 40-$80
Ready to publish, no editorial work needed, large article (1000+ words), interesting topics, use case, working examples, print screens, step-by-step guide.

P.S Payments are handled via Paypal.

3. Article Topics

We are interested on the following topics:

  1. Core Java
  2. Core Spring, Spring MVC, REST, Spring Security and etc
  3. Java Persistence (Hibernate, JPA, etc)
  4. Java JSON and XML libraries like Jackson, Gson, JAXB
  5. Popular Java Libraries – Guava, JUnit, Mockito, HttpClient, JSoup
  6. Build Tools – Maven & Gradle
  7. Python recipes (yes, we love Python)
  8. Database SQL examples – Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and etc

4. Writing Guidelines

The article must follow the below guideline

  1. Simple, straight to point, no nonsense, full example.
  2. Unique content, we do not accept duplicated content.
  3. Uses friendly, easy to understand words, avoid jargon.
  4. Avoid code snippet, post full source code.
  5. Zip the full source code, project, related images or resources for download.
  6. Screenshot of the result or steps.
  7. Put reference links at the end of the article.
  8. Follow this article writing format

5. Article Writing Workflows

For new author, here is the flows:

  1. Do research and come out a few topics you are interested to write, and send it to our editors.
  2. The editors will review the topics and feedback you.
  3. Author start writing.
  4. Author zip everything and send the article for review (including the source code)
  5. Editor will review and perform code testing, and feedback you to improve the content if necessary.
  6. The article is reviewed, the editor will evaluate the quality of the article and feedback you the price for the article.
  7. Author agreed on the price.
  8. We pay the author via Paypal.
  9. Done, repeat step 1.

P.S We will decide when to publish the article.

6. First Step – How to start?

Contact me and introduce yourself 🙂