How to setup Wicket Examples in Eclipse

Wicket examples is a good place to learn Apache Wicket by examples, and a must reference site for new or experienced Wicket’s developers. In this Wicket examples site, it almost contains all of the usage of the common wicket’s components.

In this guide, we show you how to setup the above Apache Wicket example site in your local development environment (Eclipse IDE).

Tools used :

  1. Apache Wicket 1.4.17
  2. Eclipse 3.6
  3. Maven 3

1. Download Source Code

Download Apache Wicket 1.4.17 from The Wicket example code is packaged inside the “src” folder.

2. Review Directory

Extracts the downloaded Wicket zip file, review the directory structure. The folder “wicket-examples“, which inside the “$WICKET_PATH/src” folder is what you need.

wicket example folder structure

3. Maven Build

Navigate to the “wicket-examples” folder , compile and build with Maven, and make it support Eclipse WTP features.

$WICKET_EXAMPLE_FILE_PATH> mvn eclipse:eclipse -Dwtpversion=2.0

P.S Maven will configure the project and download the project dependencies automatically.

4. Eclipse Project + WTP

Import the project into Eclipse IDE (you should know how :)).

However, in Wicket 1.4.17, the Maven “-Dwtpversion=2.0” option seem not working in my Eclipse 3.6, because i noticed Eclipse facets files and deployment dependency libraries are not configure properly. If you have the same problem, do following steps :

1. Right click on project –> Properties –> “Project Facets“. Select “Dynamic Web Module” and “Java“.

wicket example eclipse facets

2. Same windows –> Select “Deployment Assembly“, make sure the libraries and root deploy path “/” are configured properly. Just add it if it’s missing.

wicket example eclipse depoyment dependency

5. Deploy + Test

In Eclipse IDE, create a Tomcat instance, assigned your configured “wicket-example” project to the new Tomcat instance and start it.

Visit this URL : http://localhost:8080/wicket-examples/

wicket example cloned site

Done. The entire wicket examples site is cloned into your local development environment.

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Tommy Stenberg
Tommy Stenberg

Thank you !
This is the only place I have found telling how to get everything with wicket including the examples to work. “How difficult can it BE!!”

Kent Larsson
Kent Larsson

Excellent article! It got me going even though I use Linux and wanted Wicket 1.3.5. Thanks a lot! (Please keep it up, it’s one of the few resources with this information.)


hello, how are you friend, i follow the steps for developing the application but it shows a server error, I could help, the error that showed me tomcat is:

HTTP Status 404 – / wicket-examples /

————————————————– ——————————

type Status report

Message / wicket-examples /

Desc The requested resource (/ wicket-examples /) is not available esti ¿½.


Thank you very much, this article helped me a lot!!!!



i’m new wicket user. I would like to ask your advise about the windows model. I found out the when windows model popup. The current main page at backgroup are disabled. Due to the user requirement, how to i allow the current page at backgroup are allow to edit. Because not very page we must be disabled. Thanks


Diego Amicabile
Diego Amicabile

Doesn’t work for me, I get this exception when trying to start Tomcat (Wicket-examples 1.4 and Tomcat 7)

INFO  - ContextLoader              - Root WebApplicationContext: initialization started
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.wicket.spring.common.ContactDaoImpl
	at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(
	at org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.loadClass(
	at org.springframework.util.ClassUtils.forName(
	... 29 more
Nov 22, 2010 11:53:04 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext listenerStart

This is how my Deployment assembly looks like:

Is there anything missing here?

I keep getting the same error. It worked with the Jetty server, as you suggested, but I would like to run wicket-examples in the Tomcat server in Eclipse.

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Jim Callan
Jim Callan

I have been putzing around for two days… I would work a bit on Wicket and have it run fine from Jetty in all the unit tests, run with the standard default mvn tomcat:run with the default 8080 pluging but could not get any Wicket example to run on on my Tomcat 7 server configured on port 2013 within Eclipse. I would download something new, rebuild and get the same effect regardless of the project. I would take a break and come back to the same thing. Very frustrating…until I saw this Wiki post. In 30 seconds I had it… Read more »