How to encrypt text file in Linux (VIM)

It is very easy to encrypt a text file in Linux, VIM text editor can be used to achieve it.. vim -x [file name]

mkyong@snake ~]$ vim -x mkyong.txt

This will prompt us to enter encryption key (password)

Enter encryption key : ******
Enter same key again: ******

After that, key in the text data and save it. Now the “mkyong.txt” text file is encrypted with my password.

Ok, let try to view the text file content

[mkyong@snake ~]$ cat mkyong.txt
??0?????         ?W#?Q?W?
[mkyong@snake ~]$ 

The text file content is encrypted with some alien code :), Done, no body can view the content unless they know my encryption key.

How to change the encrypted password?

We can issue the following command (vim +X [file name]) to change the encrypted password.

mkyong@snake ~]$ vim +X mkyong.txt
"mkyong.txt" [crypted] 1L, 37C
Enter encryption key: ***
Enter same key again: ***


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Abhishek Raw
Abhishek Raw

great work

i do this when i encrypt my small script file then after my script is not Runing.
how i make it possible to run and make my file secure also.
if any solution plz mail me at:-


Nice Blog!!