Fedora Password is Strong !!!

Fedora you are strong !!! Here i share a bit funny stuff, regarding when i reset my postgres user password in fedora core 8.

Please view below picture.

Actually i just want to set a easy remember password for user postgres. However i unable to do it.

First i enter password as “password”

Fedora : BAD PASSWORD, it is based on dictionary word.
Me : What? … ok, dictionary word ..

Then i enter password as “postgres”, it is not a dictionary word.

Fedora : BAD PASSWORD, it is based on your username.
Me : What? …..can not again !!!!…..

Shit , i just want a simple password for it, i type password as “123456” finally.

Fedora : BAD PASSWORD, it is too simplistic/systematic
Me : WTF…..

Fedora directly kill my session and kick me out… haha……Fedora you are strong !!! i can not set a easy remember at all. ~

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