How to enable and disable JavaScript ?

Sometime, we really need to disable JavaScript on some website for security issue. Java script is not as secure as we think, on my personal perspective, JavaScript born with some vulnerability that will cause our browser leak of personal information and causing some serious security issue.

Here i demonstrate how to enable and disable javascript on web browser.

Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer (IE)

P.S Microsoft calls its JavaScript interpreter “ActiveScript” in Internet Explorer.
1) Open Internet Explorer (IE)
2) Click Tools – Internet Optios
3) Click Security Tab – custom level
4) Scroll down to Active Scripting and click disable
5) Apply it.

Disable JavaScript on Firefox

1) Open Firefox
2) Click Tools – Options
3) Click Content tab, un-ckeck “enable java script”
4) Apply it

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

1) Right Google Chrome shortcut icon choose Properties.
2) In the target field, append “-disable-java” at the end of execute path

"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.SNAKE\Local Settings\Application Data\
Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-javascript
Well, be careful, if you disable JavaScript on web browser, some of the website is not working well, because many websites are depend on the JavaScript function.
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You can directly turn off the java script.
1.Go to options in chrome, on “under the hood” TAb on content setting. get a new pop up.
5. select javascript in that popup. do not allow any site to run java.

then refresh the page and you get the java disabled version of chrome. have a happy learning bbye


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