GAE + JSF : View /hello.xhtml could not be restored


Deployed on GAE production environment, when navigate from one page/view to another page/view, GAE shows error message “View xxx could not be restored“?

  1. JSF 2.1.7
  2. Google App Engine SDK 1.6.3
view can not be restored

P.S No problem at local GAE development.


By default, JSF 2 is using server for session management, and it’s not supported in GAE (tested with 1.6.3). To solve it, update web.xml file, define “javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD” , put value as “client“.

File : web.xml



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Jorge Merino
Jorge Merino

Hi mkyong,

Thanks for the information but, after that change, we receive the error:

: ERROR: MAC did not verify!

Is there any solution for that?