How to compile PostgreSQL database source code in linux

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Ok i provide following steps to show how to compile PostgreSQL database source code in linux.

1) Please visit postgres website to get latest source. I will get a latest v8.3.3 source for demonstration.


2) Changed to your postgres source path and type following command, please change your file name accordingly

tar -zxvf postgresql-8.3.1.tar.gz

it will extract all source code into current path.

3) Please change to your postgres source code file path and type “./configure”, it will configure some necessary information for PostgreSQL


4) Type “make”, this will compile PostgreSQL source code


5) If anything ok, just issue final command to install PostgreSQL in your linux

make install

After you installed PostgreSQL in your linux, it is required to do some configuration in order to connect to your PostgreSQL, please visit here to read more about it.

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hi there.. currently im doing step 3 and when i type ./config, there were an error said ‘cannot find install -sh or in config “.”/config’. why this terror happen?

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