Firefox Top 10 shortcut keys

Here i provided top 10 Firefox shortcut keys that everyone is using it now ~

10) Text size too small on a website , i want to increase it

Shortcut : Ctrl + + (plus sign)
Action :  Increase text size

Increase too much , i want to decrease it again

Shortcut : Ctrl + - (minus sign)
Action : Decrease text size

Froget how many time i increase or decrease, please restore to default size

Shortcut : Ctrl + 0
Action : Restore normal text size

9) Wow.. pretty girl image and video i want enlarge my screen

Shortcut : F11
Action : Switch between full-screen/normal view

8 ) I remember i visited a very good website yesterday, but i didn’t bookmark it, i want it back

Shortcut : Ctrl + H
Action : Open/close the History pane

7) I want to show all websites i bookmark ~

Shortcut : Ctrl + B
Action : Open/close the Bookmarks pane

6) Wow..this website is great, i want my browser to remember it

Shortcut : Ctrl + D
Action : Add a bookmark (defaults to the active page)

5) I want a new tab ~

Shortcut : Ctrl + T
Action : Open a new tab in the current Firefox window

4) Too many tabs already, i want to close some

Shortcut : Ctrl + W
Action : Close current tab in the current Firefox window

3) Too many tabs and i want to close all….shut it down

Shortcut : ALT + F4
Action : Close current Firefox window

2) Too slow…. refresh…blink blink blink…

Shortcut : F5 / Ctrl + R
Action : Refresh

1) Hot…i used it everyday. Lazy ~ type google and below shortcut key ~

Shortcut : Ctrl + Enter
Action : Add “www.” to the beginning and “.com” to the end of the text in the Location bar

I still left one more, it is not consider as a shortcut, but i think everyone is using it everyday.. Click Click Click…too many sites or links to visit~

Shortcut : Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Action : Open a new tab with website you clicked

If you want to know full Firefox shortcut keys , please visit following site

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You needn’t to specify the shortcuts for Firefox. All these key actions will work in Internet Explorer as well. I mean in the Tabbed version of IE which is IE7 or later.

Benni Austin
Benni Austin

FYI, there’s an even better shortcut for opening in a new tab. Rather than [ctrl]+[click], you can just middle click. Also middle clicking on an open tab closes it.