Feedburner is not update my RSS ? URL read time out?

I just notice Feedburner is not update my RSS feed recently, wonder what may causing this problem?

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1) Read URL time out

In the Google Feedburner, i received a “Read URL time out” error while trying to update my RSS feed.

2) Server returned timed out

When i try validate my feed in feedvalidator.org, i received a “Server returned timed out” error

Is this really a time out issue?

All signal stated this is a time out issue. However , the feed is display correctly in Firefox browser. Is this really a time out issue? Try all the suggestions in Feedburner’s “Troubleshootize” tab, but it’s just won’t work.


After trial and error, i find out the problem is causing by one of my regular expression article which contains many weird characters like “<! #” . Google Feedburner seems has problem to render it properly and causing the time out error, what i did is exclude the article in my RSS feed, and the feedburner is updating my feed and working properly again.

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One frequent perceived technical problem with FeedBurner is the reduced number of subscribers being reported for the blogs using the service. This is not actually a technical problem with FeedBurner, but by the feed readers and aggregators that report to FeedBurner, as FeedBurner collects and tallies from those partners. Usually this problem is connected with one specific RSS reader or client. “*

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